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Wardrobe Design
Ideas in Malaysia

Designing wardrobe is our expertise as well. We provide customised wardrobe designs that would complement your bedroom, resulting in a stylish wardrobe that reflects your taste and lifestyle.


The Process

Finding out what wardrobe design complements your bedroom. We want to make sure it’s cozy, warm and contains certain interior design elements that make you feel at ease. Determining the materials that fit your ideal wardrobe. With materials ranging from melamine, Medium Density Fibre (MDF), and boiling water plywood (BWP), each with a different use, it’s good to know what you need before choosing the type of material for your wardrobe. Time to go to the drawing board, generating and finalizing your wardrobe design. After the full design is finalized, we’ll begin building your wardrobe parts in our factory. The final step – installing the wardrobe in your bedroom. Your brand new stylish wardrobe by Lora Kitchen that reflects your taste and lifestyle is ready for use!


Seeking for one-stop solution for your interior design needs concerning kitchen cabinet and wardrobe design? LORA KITCHEN is your answer.

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Our Trusted Cabinet & Wardrobe Accessories Partners

It’s our promise to provide you cabinets and wardrobes of the highest quality. Hence we have collaborated with some of the finest cabinet and wardrobe accessories providers in Malaysia to ensure that our cabinets and wardrobe functions and lasts well even after years of usage!